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Leadership Cornerstones

Leadership Cornerstones form the basis for a unified way of leading throughout Posti Group. They define what is expected from a good leader in Posti and are value-based guidelines that all managers at all levels can lean on in daily work.

Leadership Cornerstones are also used for target setting, evaluation and development of Posti managers. Leadership becomes visible through determination of the direction by the means of performance management as well as through regular target & development discussions.

Good Change Management is emphasized in the change situations in order to be able to carry the changes out effectively and successfully. Good leadership in all situations is the foundation of well-being at work.

The quality of leadership in Posti is evaluated annually through employee survey and by 360 degree feedback in the management and leadership development programs.

Our Leadership Cornerstones

  • Show the way
  • Build trust
  • Create cooperation
  • Make success happen