Newspaper deliverer

Posti early morning delivery employs over 2700 delivery professionals in over 1600 delivery routes around Finland. As a newspaper deliverer you get to delight hundreds of people every morning by bringing them their newspaper. You get fresh air and exercise while earning money.

Newspaper delivery is moving and physical work, which is done mainly outdoors and in apartment buildings. This work is very independent and you are your own boss on the delivery route. As a newspaper deliverer you work, when the others sleep, between 01.00-07.30 am. Your working time is about 3.5 h/night. You can work in our normal 6+2 pattern: six night of work followed by two nights off. Or you can work as an on call-employee 2-5 times a week.

Our newspaper deliverers work with a trolley, bicycle or a car, depending on the delivery route and with the digital mobile tool. The work requires good health, you need to have decent physical shape and you need be at least 18 years old due to night work.  The starting salary for newspaper deliverer in capital region and Uusimaa is 8,98 euros per hour. For working hours between 12-06 AM, night increase (0,75 euros per hour) is paid.

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Drop by at our open door -recruitment event and get a job interview right away. We have open doors every Friday at 9-12 in the morning in our recruitment office at Fredriksberginkatu 2, 00240 Helsinki.”