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Responsible employer

Developing and succeeding in your career

Competent and committed personnel are our backbone, and we want to support their development. It’s possible to carry out vocational upper secondary qualifications and further vocational qualifications in logistics, delivery and sorting at Posti. Our organization presents almost infinite opportunities for on-the-job training, and we also encourage job rotation. We expand our competence according to the 70-20-10 principle.

Posti employees and their supervisors participate in performance review and development discussions at regular intervals. The discussions are where the employee’s goals, development needs and other important work-related matters are agreed upon. Rewarding success is also a natural part of our corporate culture. We pay incentives to experts and supervisors. Posti has the largest personnel fund in Finland, and all employees in Finland are automatically its members.

Well-being and exercise are central topics

We are known as a trailblazer in promoting our personnel’s well-being at work. In 2006, we established the Foundation for Well-being at Work (Työhyvinvointisäätiö), which focuses on promoting the work ability and health of our personnel. The foundation offers exercise and refreshment events, fitness overhauls and active family vacations.

Our personnel can engage in independent exercise or sports organized for a work community in our personnel’s sports program, as well as participate in different kinds of events. Every year, we also have a team in Kilometer Contest (Kilometrikisa), which promotes commuting by bicycle. Posti also rents its holiday homes to its employees with a personnel discount.

We invest in developing supervisory work and management, planning and design of work and the working environment as well as ergonomics and occupational safety. We are on the right track: the number of sick leaves, occupational accidents and disability pensions are on the decline, thanks to our preventative work. We offer extensive occupational health care services for our personnel.