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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

How will I benefit from registration?

With your one-time registration as an applicant, you can apply for various vacancies later just by filling in a letter of application. You can complete your information if you wish, save any searches conducted, and cancel applications you have made and save interesting vacancies. The system facilitates easy browsing of vacancies and the selection of those suitable for you. Registered applicants can also monitor the progress of the job application process through the system.

Can you contact me if a suitable vacany becomes available?

If you register for Posti's applicant reserve, we will be able to contact you when a suitable vacancy becomes available. You can also activate the job agent in our recruitment system where you can define the jobs that interest you. Once you have saved the job agent, you will receive an email notification when a suitable vacancy matches your criteria. Your own proactive approach is the key here! Your profile data will remain in the system, but you must submit an application for any vacancies of interest by completing an application letter.

Can I apply for vacancies by sending a letter/email

Vacancies at Posti are applied for through the system, to speed up the recruitment process and make it easier to receive intermediate information. The job advert will mention it if you should apply in another manner than through the system. If you need assistance with the application procedure, contact our customer services.

Candidate profile and application

How long will it take me to register and/or fill in an application?

Registration is quick (it will take only about 5 minutes) if you ensure in advance that you have the information required for creating a candidate profile. The more information you provide on yourself, the more certain you can be that the vacancy offered will meet your expectations. Therefore, you should allow sufficient time to enter the information. You can also use the quick and easy LinkedIn service to upload your CV.

Can I save a partly completed application and finish it later?

Yes, you can. If you have registered as an applicant, the information you enter will be saved in the system. The next time you log in, you can continue filling in the application. The information in your application will not be forwarded until you click the ‘Submit' button.

How will I know that my application has been received?

We will send confirmation to your e-mail address once your application has arrived.

Technical questions

I have registered as a user, but I have forgotten my password and/or user ID...

If you have forgotten your username, click the link ‘Password forgotten' in the login window. Enter your e mail address in the field provided, and we will send you a link by e-mail to renew your password.

Why can't I log in to the system?

If you have already registered as a user, please check that you are trying to log in and not register as a user again. Ensure the correctness of your username and password by requesting a new password.

My e-mail address is already registered, what should I do?

When you are registering and the system notice that Email is already registered, you have already registered to our recruitment system before and you should log in to the system. If you cannot remember your user ID and/or password, you can order a new password to your email address where you also get your user ID (see answer to the question: I have registered as a user, but I have forgotten my password and/or user ID...).

What are the technical requirements?

You can use Posti's recruitment system with any broserw and mobile device.