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Posti's Trainee Program

The Finnish postal and communications industry is undergoing a very dramatic structural transformation as the result of digitization and changing customer needs. Communication will increasingly take place online, while the delivery volumes of printed mail are constantly falling. We are renewing Posti into a modern, customer-oriented and high-quality service provider. We are building the most extensive service network in Finland for deliveries to companies and consumers and for e-commerce, because we want to make trading and everyday life smoother in Finland. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves and help the entire organization to succeed.

Posti’s trainees work at the core of its business

Posti’s trainee program is intended for advanced or newly-graduated higher-education students who are looking for challenges. The latest trainee programs were in the fields of digital marketing and strategic projects. Strategy trainees worked with project management experts, senior management and the logistics and supply chain solutions of the future. 

Trainee Stories

Inka, Product Manager, Posti trainee 2016


“It is great to have so many young employees”

I graduated as Master of Science in Economy from The Turku School of Economics in summer 2016. During my studies, I worked as a project coordinator at a marketing agency and a digital marketing trainee in content and social media marketing tasks, gaining some valuable experience in the field.

A former Posti trainee recommended the program to me, and I decided to apply. I became more and more interested in Posti as an employer during the recruitment process and, luckily, I had some truly motivating projects since day one.

As a trainee, I worked at Posti’s data and analytics services, and my responsibilities included piloting Posti’s commercial web service, collecting cookie data and sales. It was great to continue working with the same tasks as product manager after the summer.

My favorite things about working at Posti are the challenging and versatile tasks and nice colleagues. This is a particularly interesting time to work at Posti, as we are now focusing on new services and working methods. Most of the trainees in our group still work at Posti, and we still see each other regularly to share experiences.


Jussi, Data Analyst, Posti trainee 2016

“Entrepreneurial approach”

I studied at Svenska Handelshögskolan, majoring in entrepreneurship and management with some studies in financing. Before working at Posti, I had gained experience in various business development projects and sales roles.

The most important factor that made me apply for the program was a discussion I had with Posti’s employees at a recruitment fair. I had never realized that Posti was undergoing such interesting changes and development projects! I wanted to work at a company that responds to change and development needs with an entrepreneurial approach.

At the fair, Posti’s employees told me about the trainee program in sales, and I decided to apply.

It was great to be involved in both sales processes and analytics already as a trainee. We also got to see the logistics centers and other operating sites where practical work takes place. After the trainee program, I was recruited as a data analyst in the marketing automation team.

I feel like the overview of Posti’s organization, which I gained during my traineeship, helps me in my current job. I also applaud Posti for giving me excellent opportunities to develop in my work. It is great to be involved in new projects from early on.


Petri, Product Manager, Posti trainee 2015

“Having the right attitude is key”

I studied at the School of Business at Aalto University. My major was Information and Service Management, which is a combination of logistics, information science and analytics.

My career at Posti started as a trainee in 2015. At the end of my traineeship, we agreed that we would find a suitable job for me later on. I returned to the university for a while and landed a permanent job as a product manager at Transport Services. My job description is diverse and includes a range of tasks in pricing and product development.

My previous experience includes planning and reporting roles in the food and technology industries. Having experience in different fields is an asset, but having the right, curious and independent attitude is key.

My favorite things about working at Posti are the working environment and my colleagues. I also like the forward-looking attitude and the willingness to challenge old practices and procedures. Posti’s long history is not slowing us down, because we have the right kind of courage to look for and find new solutions. Change is not an end in itself, but a tool that allows us to serve our customers better. Carefully made concepts could become standards in the future.


Saara, Digital Marketing Specialist, Posti trainee 2016

“I love our great team and attitude to work”

My career at Posti started in 2016, in the trainee program in digital marketing. I worked in the marketing automation team and was fortunate enough to find a job as a digital marketing specialist in the same team after my traineeship.

I studied Food Economics at the University of Helsinki and before starting at Posti, I worked as an assistant in digital marketing at a food company. The trainee program caught my immediate attention, because I was interested in content creation on social media and website development projects and wanted to learn more about a new sector.

I love the great team and attitude to work we have at Posti. It is fascinating to dive into the customer’s world and look at marketing and measures through the lenses of inbound marketing. I get to use my experience in fresh, fun ways and learn something new every day.

Posti is far more interesting as a workplace than one might expect. There are teams that develop new advertising spaces while others create innovations in the field of supply chain solutions. Each discussion with Posti’s employees from different departments has taught me something new and fascinating about my employer.


Emmi, Quality Manager, Posti trainee 2015

I graduated from Aalto University as a Master of Science in Engineering in 2014. I specialized in technology and production economy.

Being selected as a trainee at Posti was great news for me. I had an image of Posti as an interesting workplace, and this image proved to be accurate in my first days. The trainees in our program became a tight-knit group. We shared experiences across the organization and supported each other.

At the start of my traineeship, I worked in interesting and challenging strategic development projects at Operations. I received a range of new tasks and more responsibility further into the projects. I was really glad to be able to develop the operations and my own skills.

At the end of the program, I wanted to continue working at Posti, because I liked my job. Luckily, I was recruited as a fixed-term employee on the same projects and appointed as a quality manager at the Strategy and Development unit at the end of the year.

Things that motivate me are continuous and quality-conscious development, focusing on the relevant and working with different parties in order to improve and clarify our operations. These are the building blocks of my job as a quality manager.

Upcoming Traineeships

The latest group of trainees started in fall 2016 and the new application period will be announced at a later date.